Welcome to Praise Academy

Praise Academy our vision is to be an outstanding educational institution in Nigeria and the world. This is where we see ourselves, we are on a mission to bring out the best in each child, making them not just outstanding, relevant but also significant in all they do.

we breed God - fearing, disciplined world - class leaders which is evident in our alumni located all over the world.

we will continue to keep our own end of the deal by accomplishing our mission as always, and we trust that you will definitely keep your own part.

to my champions, i say congratulations on another added feather but kindly note that this is one of the many feathers you will earn so dont relent and never quits. I am glad that you walked through Adeoye Schools as a student, it is one of the best things that ever happened to us.

wishing you as always a successful and bright future.

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Our Anthem


Our Aims and Objectives

  • To instil int the students, the fear of God which is the beginning of wisdom.
  • To promote love, respect and tolerance towards others.
  • To include ethical values that would produce students with high moral integrity.
  • To introduce to them good eating and clean habits that that would make them appreciate and crave a neat and tidy environment and ensure physical well being.
  • To expose them to various learning activities for academic excellence.

Praise Academy

Praise Academy where Jesus reigns and rules We train up a child in the way of the Lord
We produce a total child mentally, spiritually, socially and physically
Where the end-time army of God is raised
Where exemplary future leaders are cultivated
Staff and students join to sing
Our God reigns supreme here
Our God be praised now and forever
May Praise Academy live till the Lord
Comes again amen, amen.

Praise School

Praise school children, let us sing
Tell the world and let it ring
Time to praise our Lord and King
We are from Praise School
Let His praises fill the earth
From our lips and from our hearts
Praise to the Father and the Son
And to the Holy Ghost.

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Akinyemi Way, Ring Road, P.O. Box 10119, Ibadan, Nigeria
Email: info@praiseschools.com.ng
Phone: +234 8034756156, +2348032297539, +234 8033451561
Website: www.praiseschools.com.ng